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Be kind to everyone, even those that are not kind to you and you will find true happiness… Nikki Pattillo

Hi, my name is Nikki Pattillo and welcome to my website. I am 41 years old from the coastal Texas area. I am happily married to a man I have spent many life times with and have one beautiful daughter named Maddy who keeps me very busy. I am a stay at home mom who used to be a clinical microbiologist, a molecular biologist, and a writer. I laugh as I write this because it never mattered what path I chose in my life, any of them would have led to the road I am on now to channel books for humanity.

My psychic journey started when I was in the 3rd grade. My family moved into a house in the foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My first memories of seeing ghosts occurred in this house. The house we moved into was newly built. However, I “knew” the bricks around our fireplace came from another structure and were reused in our house.

Shortly after moving in, I began seeing an old-fashioned cowboy ghost. He had a cowboy hat, bandana around his neck, bullets in a belt across his chest, a gun on each side of his hips hung low around his waist, and spurs on his boots.

This may seem quite enchanting but I assure you it was anything but. This cowboy ghost came to our house with the bricks. Some how his energy was transferred with these bricks from the land they use to be on. As an eight-year-old, I knew this information - it was a knowing - information that just came to me in one lump sum.

On a regular basis this ghost would visit me. These visits were terrifying. He would often step up on my beanbag or desk in a threatening manner with intent to shoot me as if he were ready for one of those old fashioned shoot-outs. He would also walk up and down our hallway with his spurs clinging and clanging as he walked. These hallway walks happened on a regular basis.

The ghost knew that I could see and hear him. I would tell my parents and brothers over and over about the ghost and what he did but they would all smile at me and tell me I was dreaming. Eventually, my mother would yell at me to shut up when I mentioned it.

Not long after we moved into that house my family started fighting on a regular basis. I remember my dad and oldest brother having a very physical fight one morning, rolling on the floor hitting each other like they were in a bar room brawl. I believe my cowboy ghost caused and fed off this bad energy in our home. At eight years old, I knew this and I was confused that no other family members felt or knew what was happening, or the reason for it.

I know now all about this entity that caused bad energy in our home. The damage caused by this bad energy was never repaired for some members of my family. I would like to think that if my family had listened to me even though I was very young, we could have moved or cleared the ghost out of the house.

When I look back to my elementary school days, I remember seeing, hearing, and knowing things that others did not. The worst part was that nobody would believe or listen to me.

I spent many, many years feeling frightened and alone because of these experiences. As I grew older, I finally understood about energy, psychic visions, guides, and angels and the purpose of all of these things.

In my book, I say over and over to help your Star children figure out what their life’s purpose is and how they will contribute to humanity as a whole. You must also help these special children understand and be unafraid of their gifts. I believe the energy has changed enough on this earth that most people will understand these experiences are real and we’re not alone.

My heart sings with joy that perhaps by writing my book, I can help take the fear out of these experiences for others. I know there are no accidents. My early ghostly experiences and other situations growing up made me strong and able to write about it and share my story with others to help them understand and be strong as well.

I can promise you with every ounce of my “knowing” that no one is alone in this world. We all have angels and guides that are with us every minute of our lives and others that will come and go as our lessons are learned. Even for people who do not believe, their angels NEVER give up on them. There is no judgement, only love from your angels.

May you all walk your path with light, happiness, and love in your heart. In love and light, Nikki

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Children of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children:by Nikki Pattillo - Amazon.

Children of the Stars: Advice for Parents and Star Children:by Nikki Pattillo -Barnes and Noble.

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A Spiritual Evolution by Nikki Pattillo -Barnes and Noble.